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We would be pleased to provide you with various links here, where you can find current information on industry developments and much more:

American Bankruptcy Institute:
With more than 11,500 members, ABI is the largest independent organization of various professions that has established itself in theory and practice in the field of insolvency law.

German Bar Association ARGE Insolvency Law and Restructuring:
As a professional association, the working group has set itself the goal of promoting the professional and economic interests of its members, discussing issues of insolvency law and the restructuring of companies in times of crisis and contributing to further training in this field.

Federal association of German management consultants BDU registered association:
The Federal association of German management consultants BDU registered association is the restaurant and professional association of the management consultations (strategy consultation, organization consultation, IT-consultation, HR-consultation and personnel consultation) with locations in Berlin, Bonn and Brussels. It is internationally interlaced with other organizations and stands for confidence and security.

Gravenbrucher Kreis
The Gravenbrucher Kreis is a union of professional insolvency administrators with superregional adjustment.

International Bar Association:
The International Bar Association provides a forum for practicing lawyers around the world and is a source of information and assistance.

North German Insolvency Forum e.V.:
The association strives for the scientific and practical maintenance and further training of German and international insolvency law, both for the general public and for the persons and institutions typically involved in insolvency proceedings.

Insol Europe:
Insol Europe represents a group of professionals specialising in restructuring, reorganisation and insolvency and bankruptcy resolution.

Institute for Insolvency Law:
The association operates a specialist portal on the subject of insolvency law for lawyers and administrators, in which laymen and journalists can also obtain information.

JUVE is a legal publishing house from Cologne that also reports on the business of commercial lawyers in national and international business.

Turnaround Management Association:
The Turnaround Management Association is the first specialist community dedicated entirely to operational restructuring.

Association of German Insolvency Administrators:
The aim of the association is to promote and further develop German insolvency law and to provide training and further education for persons working in this field.