Implementation Support/After-Care

Any reorganisation requires a clear conceptual framework (reorganisation concept) to describe, in the form of a roadmap, the path to a sustainably profitable and competitive company. However, this is often only the first step.

What is decisive is that the conceptual ideas are actually implemented. We stand ready for this.

With the help of a detailed action plan, it is tracked how the individual steps that are to lead to a permanent recovery of the company are implemented within the company. We are fully committed to ensuring the actual lasting implementation of the reorganisation idea devised in the concept. If necessary and desired, we are also available in the context of direct managerial responsibility and are appointed as an executive body for implementation.

The consultants of hww routinely implement the reorganisation ideas that we conceptually develop ourselves with the management. However, we are also available for the implementation of other concepts. If we are convinced of the concepts, we take over responsibility for their implementation. What matters to us is not the author but the viability of the existing concept.

We strive to guarantee the success of the reorganisation in conjunction with the company and its stakeholders. This is what we vouch for.