About us

We are one of the leading service companies for legal advice, reorganization and restructuring in Germany. Regardless of what we do, we are only committed to the client, the law and our mission to preserve or save values. We put our legal competence, the consulting experience from thousands of cases and our commitment to the task at the service of the cause. With hww's legally experienced restructuring consultants, experienced pilots will come to you on board when heavy weather is blowing up for your company or when it has already fallen into rough seas. Then we will navigate you to a safe harbour.

Securing. Future. Together.

The developments of recent years show that the challenges of transparent and competent legal advice, independent advice on restructuring issues and in insolvency-related situations have grown just as much as the need for a sustainable insolvency administration that takes the new legal framework into account. We attach great importance to acting fundamentally independently and autonomously, but also jointly if necessary.

The advantage: All parties involved in the restructuring process are thus free to decide whether, when and which of us will be involved in the process. It often happens that we also cooperate with other law firms, management consultancies or insolvency administrations. However, it is clear that it can be advantageous to have only one contact partner in complex situations.

We use the current possibilities of insolvency law as well as modern management and restructuring tools. We react promptly and consistently on developments that have a lasting impact on our industry and our opportunities.