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hww hermann wienberg wilhelm Insolvenzverwalter Partnerschaft

hww hermann wienberg wilhelm Insolvenzverwalter Partnerschaft is licensed as a partner company in Germany (Partnerschaftsregister AG Frankfurt am Main, PR 2266).

The registered office of the company is in Frankfurt am Main:

Goldsteinstrasse 114
60528 Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Phone: +49 (0)69 91 30 92-0
Fax: +49 (0)69 91 30 92-30

Value added tax identification number: DE 298538965

The addresses of all offices represented on this website can be found on this website under the menu item "Company" - "Locations" - "Germany".

We provide the following additional information on the members of the liberal professions presented on this website.


All attorneys at hww hermann wienberg wilhelm are admitted to the bar in the Federal Republic of Germany and belong to the bar association of their respective locations.

  • Berlin: Bar Association Berlin (RA Mathias Lehmann, RA Christian Otto, RA Rüdiger Wienberg)
  • Bonn: Bar Association Cologne (RAin Ingrid Trompertz)
  • Bremen: Bar Association Bremen (RA Jan H. Wilhelm)
  • Celle: Bar Association Celle (RA Dr. iur. h.c. Rainer M. Bähr, RA Dr. Steffen Koch)
  • Dresden: Bar Association Saxony (RA Michael Döhner, RA Dr. Ralf Goethner, RA Henning Schorisch, RAin Alexandra Steinecke-Meyns, RAin Patricia Titze)
  • Dusseldorf: Bar Association Dusseldorf (RA Dr. Gregor Bräuer)
  • Erfurt: Bar Association Thuringia (RA Kai Dellit, RAin Janette Wild)
  • Frankfurt am Main: Bar Association Frankfurt (RA Fabio Algari, RAin Dr. Dragica Banovic, RAin Lenka Dedina, RA Hendrik Harder, RA Ottmar Hermann, RAin Julia Kappel-Gnirs, RA Christian Koch, RA Dr. Christian Loder, RA Carsten Schmid, RA Andreas Ströder, RAin Nadja Wilke)
  • Halle (Saale): Bar Association Saxony-Anhalt (RA Oliver Vahl)
  • Hamburg: Bar Association Hamburg (RA Günter Glaubitt, RAin Dr. Astrid Pohlmann-Weide, RA Ole Schertel, RA Eberhard Schmidt, RA Moritz von Hantelmann, RA Thomas Wolf)
  • Karlsruhe: Bar Association Karlsruhe (RA Frank Bassermann)
  • Cologne: Bar Association Cologne (RA Joscha Stothfang)
  • Leipzig: Bar Association Saxony (RA Michael Putze)
  • Nuremberg: Bar Association Nuremberg (RA René Rechenberger)
  • Rostock: Bar Association Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania (RA Dr. Achim Ahrendt)

Addresses of the chambers at

If lawyers from hww hermann wienberg wilhelm are also tax consultants or auditors at the same time, they are approved as tax consultants or auditors in the Federal Republic of Germany and belong to the chamber of their respective locations:


  • Hamburg: Chamber of Auditors Berlin (WP Günter Glaubitt)

The address of the Chamber and further information can be found on the website of the Chamber of Public Accountants.

Tax Consultant

  • Kiel: Chamber of Tax Advisors Schleswig-Holstein (StB Günter Glaubitt)
  • Frankfurt am Main: Chamber of Tax Advisors Hesse (StB Ottmar Hermann)
  • Hamburg: Steuerberaterkammer Hamburg (StB Wilfried Braakmann)

The addresses of the chambers and further information can be found on the website of the Federal Chamber of Tax Advisors.

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