The self-administration of companies is increasingly coming to the fore as a restructuring instrument. It is a special form of insolvency proceedings in which the company's management, possibly supported by a newly appointed CRO, remains within the company and is accompanied by a supervisor.

The partners of hww are available for self-administration both for an appointment as CRO to the corporate body of the company and as (provisional) supervisor.

In each of these roles we support the board of directors or the management in the restructuring of the company, in particular in the continuation of the business after the insolvency application.

In this way, the company retains the management's know-how, which is often an important signal of trust for customers, creditors and suppliers. The company benefits from our expertise and independence as insolvency administrator within the scope of our role as supervisor. In addition, as supervisor we also monitor the restructuring measures of the companies in the interest of all creditors.

Particularly in the case of self-administration with a protective shield proceeding, companies and creditors benefit from our expertise in the development and, above all, the implementation of insolvency plans.

All in all, self-administration is an attractive way of successfully restructuring a company. Our independence as a cover pool administrator, with which we actively support the management of the company and at the same time keep the interests of the creditors in mind, creates trust for all parties involved, because we accompany the restructuring process with our experience as insolvency administrators and with our high degree of transparency and competence.