hww international

The global economy, in which more and more companies increasingly act internationally, presents challenges that hww hermann wienberg wilhelm lives up to. Recognise differences in international insolvency law, detect potentials in the worldwide economic systems, and ultimately also understand the different insolvency cultures – to use all this as an opportunity is the philosophy of hww insolvency cooperation partners.

hww insolvency cooperation partners is an association of international insolvency specialists who cooperate with the German insolvency administrators, lawyers and consultants of hww in a trusting relationship and are available on-site when needed.

Such a cooperation was initiated for the first time in Germany, in Europe and in the world by hww hermann wienberg wilhelm.

An overview of our international cooperation partners is provided here.


Since 2015, hww has also partnered with the international association of Lawyers Associated Worldwide (LAW), in which approximately 100 independent law firms from more than 50 countries cooperate with each other.

Further information can be found on the LAW website: www.lawyersworldwide.com