Insolvency proceedings

There may be situations in which all out-of-court reorganisation mechanisms do not work sufficiently. This is conceivable, for example, because the stakeholders/financers involved are looking for a surprised exit, contract terms of the branch network, which is not always profitable, make it impossible to close individual locations flexibly, a reduction in staff with a social plan is too expensive, or a contract concluded which subsequently turns out to be highly deficient permanently strangles the company.

Here a well-prepared and orderly insolvency procedure can provide an adequate solution, as it provides the right "tools" for many special situations. In insolvency, for example, there are special termination rights for unprofitable branch leases, the social plan volumes and the notice periods for the employment contracts are lower or shorter and unprofitable contracts can be terminated easily in insolvency proceedings.

With an insolvency administrator from hww, there is still a way out of the crisis in often seemingly hopeless situations via insolvency proceedings.

In hundreds of proceedings we have proven that a rescue of business operations can also be successful through a so-called transferring reorganization or an insolvency plan.

We have always cooperated with the management of the company affected by the crisis on a basis of trust. Wherever possible, the managing directors/partners are part of the solution and have thus contributed significantly to the preservation of the company.

In this respect, insolvency administration can also be a tried and tested and promising procedure in individual cases, in order to give companies in economic difficulties a perspective again, together with the shareholders/managing directors.

With hww's experienced insolvency administrators with a clear focus on restructuring, your company will get back on track!