External Controlling

Once a crisis has been ascertained, the causes identified and a restructuring concept prepared, a company must implement the agreed measures at the end of the process and set up a restructuring controlling system. A functioning and informative controlling system is critical to the success of company reorganisation, as the implementation itself. It provides information on the current status of implementation of the planned measures and reveals any discrepancies between targets and achievements. This information is of interest to management but especially to those financing the business in crisis because while the company is reorganising itself they are often asked to waive repayments or provide assistance through new money. However, since the lenders frequently no longer have confidence in the management of the company, they frequently insist on the appointment of external controllers.

hww sets up an informative external (reorganization) controlling system and reporting, to provide information about this on a regular basis to all reorganization partners. This allows us to monitor the implementation and effectiveness of the agreed reorganization measures, in conjunction with our customers and counteract any negative tendencies in good time. We create transparency and regain the trust of business partners.

What are the benefits of external controlling and reporting?

External controlling and reporting offers the recipient the benefits of

  • consistent monitoring of the defined reorganization measures;
  • early identification of deviations from the plan and the need for action;
  • gaining controlling know-how through the appointment for a limited time of external specialists, or having controlling performed without taking up valuable internal capacities;
  • creating transparency with regard to the company’s situation; and
  • regaining the trust of the reorganization partners through the appointment of independent reporters.